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Decorative hardware

Handmade wrought iron texture

Decorative Hardware - Handmade wrought iron texture
Lis decorative hardware


Door knockers decorative hardware

Door knockers

Slightly Bumpy Texture

Decorative Hardware - Slightly Bumpy Texture
Standard decorative hardware


Cottage decorative hardware


Design Center - Pop-up Arch Overlay - Microsites (English)

Arch overlay

Available for Princeton and Eastman​

Always installed in the top section of the door and only available with Panoramic windows or without windows.​

Arch Overlay Eastman Clear Panoramic without grid

Clear Panoramic without grid

Arch Overlay Eastman 4 vertical lites Panoramic

4 vertical lites Panoramic

Arch Overlay Eastman 8 lites Panoramic

8 lites Panoramic

Arch Overlay Eastman Without windows

Without windows

Design Center - Pop-up Gauge (English)


Unit of measure to evaluation the thickness of sheet metal. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel.

Design Center - Pop-up Take Picture - Microsites (English)

Try for an overall view of your home

Try for an overall view of your home

Avoid photographing at an angle or vertically

Avoid photographing at an angle or vertically

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Coordinates with  Logo Novatech

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