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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

BarmacDoors has been working hard to provide our clients with the quality LiftMaster products and LiftMaster service that they have come to expect. From garage door openers to remotes, and even parts, the team at BarmacDoors continues to deliver a top-end service for all of our clients. With parts, service, and repairs available, your LiftMaster garage door and accessories have never been in better care. See below for some of the LiftMaster services and products:

LiftMaster Garage Openers

The LiftMaster company stands by their product, and no matter if you are looking for a wall mount, a belt drive or a chain drive, LiftMaster makes your ideal garage door opener. All of the LiftMaster garage openers come with LiftMaster door opener remotes.

Wall Mount

8500 W

This ingenious wall-mounted design allows you to reduce noise, vibration and gives much-needed space back in smaller garages. The design allows for an easy to open and use garage opener, that can deadbolt the door when closed. Plus, with its wi-fi connectivity, the 8500 W enables Amazon in-garage deliveries and My Q app connectivity.


The non-smart version of the 8500 series, the 8500 is a trustworthy garage door opener without the bells and whistles of the 8500 W. With smart deadbolt closing and built-in battery backup, your garage will be safe and secure, even during a power outage.

Belt Drive


The brightest, and latest belt driven garage door opener, the WLED has an extra sturdy belt and quiet motor to create a fantastic garage door opener for the consumer and commercial markets.


The 8550W belt driven garage door opener is one of the most popular choices for customers. With its wi-fi and My Q connectivity, and durable design, it should come as so surprise that the 8550W is as highly ranked as it is.

Chain Drive


As the most powerful chain driven garage door opener for the consumer market made by LiftMaster, the 8587W is a ¾ HP beast of a DC engine. This is the ideal door opener for those heavy-duty doors and will be able to the last a lifetime with moderate use.


The industry standard for chain driven garage door openers has quickly become the 8365W-267. This version comes loaded with My Q connectivity and standard safety features such as safety sensors and automatic protection against forced openings.

When it comes to LiftMaster garage doors, you need to trust BarmacDoors. However, we provide more than just garage doors. We are proud to offer a wide range of LiftMaster products such as LiftMaster garage door remote controls and easy to program LiftMaster garage door remote replacements.