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LiftMaster MyQ

The Smart Home is not only limited to the interior of the home, and the team at LiftMaster has become one of the first companies in North America to introduce the connected garage door opener. The LiftMaster smart home setup includes the LiftMaster MyQ application that is available on Android and iPhone, and the connected LiftMaster MyQ garage door opener that combines the best of security, customization and the internet of things to create a truly connected garage door opener.

The MyQ LiftMaster App

The LiftMaster app allows you to control your garage door, commercial door, gate or even your home lighting from anywhere you have an internet or data connection. The app allows users to open or close your door or gate from afar. It also allows you receive activity alerts, which is perfect for those with kids or loved ones that you need to track their whereabouts, and you can even schedule the app to turn your lights on and off.


As the MyQ app works within the internet of things connected device family, the team at LiftMaster have partnered with select companies in both Canada and the United States to connect your home better.

MyQ LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

As the MyQ app is set to work with select LiftMaster, the professional line, products. The following devices are LiftMaster My Q compatible:

  • LiftMaster 823lm - A remote light switch that can be connected to your My Q
  • LiftMaster 825lm - A remote light control that allows lamps or lights to be connected to your My Q
  • LiftMaster 828lm - An internet gateway that allows for connectivity to smartphones and enables in-home delivery of Amazon packages.
  • LiftMaster 829lm - A door and gate monitor that connects to My Q that covers up to 4 gates or doors.
  • LiftMaster 888lm - A control panel that can connect to My Q to enable opening and closing of a garage door or gate.