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LiftMaster Security+

In the garage door industry, one brand has put its security above others, and that is the LiftMaster, the professional line. The LiftMaster security plus platform has quickly become one of the top-ranked security options in the garage door industry, and with state-of-the-art encryption and above standard market security, LiftMaster products genuinely have become the premier brand here in Canada.

This commitment to security is why the team at BarmacDoors is proud to be the Toronto based partner for LiftMaster, and why we have been installing their security plus products across the city. Several LiftMaster products are considered security plus, and here are just a few.

LiftMaster Security+ Remote

The LiftMaster Security plus remote family consist of a high-tech and easy to use set of remotes that can be used by both residential and commercial clients. These remotes are easy to use, and many consider them to be a durable solution that can last for years. With easy connectivity, simple set up and a great lightweight design, the lineup of LiftMaster security remotes will be a reliable option for any client.

LiftMaster Security+ Keypads

LiftMaster in turn also has some of the best-rated Keypads in the industry. These keypads are keyless and provide a safe and secure way for family members to enter your garage with ease. Unlike other companies, LiftMaster Security plus keypads are simple to use and easy to set up. The family of LiftMaster Security + Keypads can connect with your current setup, and many are already able to be connected to the My Q app! Below you will find our current selection of keypads:

877 Max

This LiftMaster Security + keypad holds up to four unique pins and connects seamlessly to your existing frequency to ensure ease of use out of the box. As a keyless and wireless keypad, the 877 Max gives owners the maximum flexibility in its placement and use.

877 LM

The base model of the 877 Max, the 877 LM stores up to 4 pin codes, and is also keyless and wireless. The flip design allows for easy access and provides homeowners with seamless integration to their current LiftMaster garage door.

387 LM

The 387 LM is yet another LiftMaster Security plus keypad that is wireless and keyless. The slide up weatherproof design is perfect for practically any home, and the seamless integration with most garage door openers has ensured the 387 LM is a popular choice here in Ontario.