Which is Best? 1 Double Garage Door or 2 Single Garage Doors?

These garage doors are in the Princeton P-12 design, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

What’s behind garage door number one? It’s no one’s business, which is why two single garage doors are an excellent option for those who want privacy. The garage doors seen here are the Princeton P-12 design, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

You’re in the market for new garage doors for the dream garage you want to design. Prior to designing a dream garage, you will have crucial decisions to make regarding design choices and the style of doors you want. The process is a step-by-step learning adventure that will end with you having beautiful garage doors on the front of your house.

Restrictions contributing to the size of your garage door

You might simply want to choose the garage door that looks the best to you, but the appearance of the garage door is just one consideration. It will do know good to have an attractive garage door if it doesn’t function properly. Having a well-maintained garage door means you will have a long-lasting garage door. Many can last more than 25 years when curb appeal and function are both considered.

Purchasing a garage door shouldn’t be an impulse buy. Don’t rush the process. Rather, take your time and carefully consider all of your options in light of the way you need your garage to function. If you have at least a vague idea of the kind of door you’d like, the process should go smoother.

Choosing between 2 single doors or 1 double garage door can prove interesting unless you understand some of the technical issues surrounding the installation and use of the doors.

Garage and car size

If you want to park 2 medium size vehicles inside your garage, the garage must be at least 18 feet wide by 22 feet deep. That dimension doesn’t account for the additional width that is needed for two single garage doors. Why do you need additional width for two single doors? This is because two single doors are separated thereby needing two openings rather than one large one.

NOTE: The House Plans Helper’s website provides visual plans with the ideal garage dimensions to give you an idea of what a single, double, or triple garage will look like. The site incorporates possible residential garage door sizes, so you can make an informed decision based on your vehicles and how many you need to house in your garage.

Your climate

Think about the weather where you are. Is it steamy or freezing? Do you have snow or extremely rainy weather? Opening your garage door will bring those frigid temperatures or those wet conditions inside.

For a tailor-made garage buying solution, you should seek a professional in the field to help you determine exactly the kind of garage door you need.

Should you ever choose 2 single garage doors?

These garage doors are the Vog design, 9' x 7', Charcoal, window layout: Left-side Harmony.

These two entrances provide a classy, cohesive look, with the Charcoal garage doors contrasting nicely against the wood tones and the beige of the entranceway. These garage doors are the Vog design, 9' x 7', Charcoal, window layout: Left-side Harmony.


Two single garage doors have the ability to open independently from one another, which is a benefit over a double garage door. If one door suddenly stops opening, you still have the use of the other while you are awaiting repairs. The ability to continue opening one door when the other is inoperable helps to maintain the usefulness of your garage space.

Parking in tandem is not a fun prospect. Two-single garage door openings can help you eliminate tandem parking arrangements by opting for a side-by-side parking arrangement. No more questioning who should leave first in the morning.

Do you want one side of your garage to function as something other than garage space? Perhaps, you needed to setup a home office or a workout space and the only location you had to do that was your garage. The ability to close off one side from public view can give you greater peace of mind. Closing one garage door gives you much-needed privacy for your activities.

Online sales sites and other catalogues present you with options for new garage door. These 30 garage organization and conversion ideas we found on HGTV’s website will help you imagine the space you need within your garage.

An inspiring picture of garage transformed into a home gym

This home gym gives you an inspiring picture of what could be even in your garage! The Spruce’s website provides these 5 simple steps to converting your garage into a fitness room. Image from of Pexels.


You want a garage door that will last. With that in mind, remember that fewer cycles of opening and closing the garage door will help to maintain its durability. You certainly don’t want to spend the money on a new garage door to have it stop working shortly after installation. Remember, opening and closing the door often can cause parts to begin to deteriorate.

Temperature maintenance

Have you ever noticed that the more you open your garage door, the more the internal temperature of the garage is affected? Frigid winters and rainy summers can cause issues when you open the garage door, unless you have the ability to open one side of the garage at a time. dYou will likely alternate opening doors that are two separate entities, thereby helping the garage stay slightly warmer than it if you were constantly opening a single double garage door.

Choosing a well-insulated garage door product will help to minimize if not eliminate the cold that occurs when the door is being open and shut with regularity.

Discuss the R-value of your garage door with a professional to determine how well-insulated the product is. By looking here you’ll get an idea of the R-value you will need for your door.

These garage doors are in the Eastman E-21 design, 9' x 7', Claystone doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

Balance is key with this exterior. The garage door creates a nice, balanced appearance. These garage doors by Eastman E-21 design are 9' x 7', Claystone doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

When to choose a double garage door

This garage door is a Moderno Multi design, 16' x 8', Chocolate Walnut, window layout: Left-side Harmony.

This beautiful double garage door makes a significant impact to the façade of your home. This Moderno Multi design garage door is 16' x 8' in Chocolate Walnut, with Left-side Harmony windows.

Flexible use of space

Have you given thought to how you plan to use your garage? Are you simply going to park your car inside and forget it, or do you plan to use the space for storage as well as a place to park the cars.

Within a garage that is accessed by one large garage door, you have space for both the car and for your storage needs. If you need storage space ideas, HGTV has 55 ideas for practical and aesthetically pleasing storage of your belongings.

This garage door is North Hatley LP design, 16' x 8', Moka Brown, 4 vertical lite Orion windows.

This double, 2-car garage door is beautiful day and night! This North Hatley LP design, 16' x 8', Moka Brown garage door features 4 vertical lite Orion windows.

Maintenance is a breeze

A double garage door is easier to maintain than two single doors, partly because it has half as much hardware to deal with. Two single doors are comprised of double the hardware and parts of a single double door. That includes two of everything: garage doors, openers, other springs and cables, etc.

Lubricant can be used for PVC parts or other hardware to help keep your garage doors opening smoothly. The oil you need can be found in your favorite local store or online. If you’re shopping for the appropriate lubricant for your doors, you might consider consulting with a garage maintenance professional for assistance.

An annual tune-up by a qualified garage maintenance professional is highly recommended. Choose someone who is qualified to provide a full, first-rate inspection of your garage doors and the parts that operate them. At least once a year maintenance will increase the longevity of your garage doors.

This 2-car garage door is a Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL design, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Sandblasted windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door from Novatech's Shaker Collection.

A double garage door provides you with the convenience of extra space as well as an elegant front façade. This double garage door is a Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL design, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Sandblasted windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door from Novatech's Shaker Collection.

Choosing the right garage door opener

A garage door is no good if it won’t open. For that you need the right garage door opener to help you open and close your garage door effectively. A 2-car garage door is heavier than its single-car counterpart. The additional weight requires a garage door opener that is strong. The flip side of that coin is that single door openers are often more basic than you really want to have.

The Chamberlain Group, a global leader in garage door openers, producers the LiftMaster garage door openers. Cutting-edge myQ technology is included in the newest LiftMaster products. The technology is designed for you to control the garage door remotely using an app on your smartphone.

No matter where you are, the LiftMaster garage door openers help to provide you peace of mind. If there’s any movement within your garage, you’ll receive a notification on your phone regardless of where you are.

Try the most recent LiftMaster garage door openers with myQ app technology.

The new LiftMaster garage door model's myQ technology allows you to keep watch on your garage remotely! Here are 9 uses for a smart LiftMaster garage door opener.

What garage door opener should you use?

Factors that can intrinsically affect your choice for garage door opener are your budget, your garage space, your door size and height. How often do you come and go through your garage? The kind of opener you need is determined by the kind of doors you have. Don’t forget that the more you open your garage, the more quickly you will need maintenance.

More thoughts goes into creating the perfect garage door opener than simply opening and closing the garage. It’s far more technical that a simple box holding a button that you push to raise or lower your garage door. Consider a consultation with a LiftMaster specialist to learn about the different garage openers that are available.

Using the information you have to choose the best garage door for yourself

Choosing the right garage door has a personal element based on your lifestyle, the size of your home and garage, and your personal style.

Consulting with a garage door specialist will help you fine tune the details of the garage doors and openers you need.

You can be your own garage door designer

Barmac Garage Doors’ large selection of high-quality residential garage doors are sectioned into 3 trendy styles: Contemporary, Traditional, and Carriage House. Once you’ve chosen the style you like, you can then choose panel design, color, and which windows you might want.

Our Design Centre is both an online visualizer and a budget planner. Creating the garage door of your dreams is as easy as mixing and matching elements within the Design Centre program. This design tool can help you avoid costly mistakes. You can quickly request a free quote and receive it via email!

Is professional installation, maintenance, or repair what you need?

If you are looking for assistance with professional garage door installation, maintenance, or repair, contact Barmac Garage Doors at 416-661-5151. They have a team of skilled, qualified technicians to assist you with all of your garage door service needs.

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