Commercial & industrial equipment

Overhead sectional doors

Garaga - G-5000, 20' x 20', Silver

Car‑Wal Garage Doors has access to a complete line of long lasting products, perfectly suited to your varied projects (commercial, industrial and agricultural).

High speed doors

High Speed Door

Car‑Wal Garage Doors has a variety of high speed doors to suit your needs. Whether for quick access, resistance to impact or provide access to your refrigerated storage, we know exactly what you need.

Polycarbonate doors

Polycarbonate doors

Manufactured in Canada by Sunshine Doors, polycarbonate doors are light weight and can be used for many application. They represent a low cost alternative to the tempered thermo glass doors.



Car‑Wal Garage Doors is proposing the Ultra‑Lite shutters manufactured in Canada with the best aluminum component imported from the German leader Heroal, Over and above their protective abilities, Ultra‑Lite shutters have the best design feature available in their respective categories.

Fire doors

Fire Doors

When the safety of the building needs to be preserved it’s good to count on a partner that is as serious as you are with compliance to the building code. At Car‑Wal Garage Doors we can provide first quality fire doors.

Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment

If you want a perfect marriage between your building and trucks, Car‑Wal Garage Doors delivers the perfect match with the help of Blue Giant a global leader in the development and manufacturing of dock levelers and The Loading Dock Company, provider of a vast range of related equipment.

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