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LiftMaster Accessories

As one of the top-ranked garage door and accessory manufactures, the team at LiftMaster has long been one of the titans of the industry. This why the team at BarmacDoors is proud to be a partner of LiftMaster company.

The LiftMaster accessories are all genuine LiftMaster products and will provide you with the professional service that you have come to expect from this industry leader. With a variety of genuine parts and accessories, we are the leading team in providing you and your garage door with the parts that will get the job done.

Parts and Accessories

LiftMaster Door Parts

There is a wide selection of LiftMaster door opener parts that can replace your current set-up. If you need assistance, our team of technicians can be on site in a matter of hours to complete the repair or replacement in your home or office.

LiftMaster Batteries

As door openers often require batteries, the team at BarmacDoors is proud to offer an original LiftMaster garage door opener battery that will fit almost any of the LiftMaster models.

LiftMaster Control Panel

If you are looking for a replacement control panel, the team at BarmacDoors has you covered with a variety of options that will work with your LiftMaster door.

LiftMaster Keypads

Whether you are looking for a replacement keypad or installing one, the team at BarmacDoors has the perfect keypad in stock.

LiftMaster Door Control

When you are looking for a quality and reliable door control, look no further than the genuine LiftMaster door controls that BarmacDoors carry. Our door controls will work with all LiftMaster doors and several other major door manufacturers.

LiftMaster Mini Remote

A top-seller at BarmacDoors, the LiftMaster mini remote has quickly become a must-have for commercial and residential clients. This mini universal remote is perfect for the person on the go that needs easy access to gates and garages.