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LiftMaster Remotes Controls

As a proud partner of LiftMaster, the team at BarmacDoors has been carrying LiftMaster, the professional line since our partnership began. This line of professional certified LiftMaster products includes a wide selection of LiftMaster remote controls that will be able to be programmed for your specific door. We want to make things easier when you are looking to find the perfect LiftMaster remote, and our team is here to help.

When you chat with a BarmacDoors representative, you will quickly see why we are known as an industry leader in residential and commercial garage doors and accessories. With both residential and commercial options available, your next LiftMaster remote will ensure you have a dependable and durable garage door opener that will last for years.

Naturally, all LiftMaster products come with a great warranty and the knowledge that you are trusting one of the longest standing garage door makers in the country. The LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 system ensures that the entire line of LiftMaster products is protected with encrypted signals. These signals are designed to be safe, and as the only device that can match your garage doors signal is your LiftMaster remote control, you are in control of when your garage opens. Trust the experts at LiftMaster and experience the infamous service that the team at BarmacDoors has been delivering for over forty years.

Here are just a few of our most popular LiftMaster remotes that work in both the commercial and residential space!

LiftMaster 891LM

The LiftMaster 891LM is a one-button garage door remote that has proven to be a useful tool for a single garage door or gate. The simplicity of this remote is the beauty of it, and for those residential clients who need to get the door open at the end of a long day, the 891LM is an ideal solution.

LiftMaster 893 Max

The LiftMaster 893 Max is a powerful three-button remote that is compatible with all LiftMaster doors that have been produced since 1993. This LiftMaster 3 button remote works on up to three doors and will provide you with the state-of-the-art safeguards that only LiftMaster Security + 2.0 can provide your home.

LiftMaster 890 Max

The LiftMaster 890 Max is a versatile and dependable three-button remote control. From handling your typical gate to opening up to three garage doors, this LiftMaster 3 button remote control is one of the best on the market. Whether it is for industrial or commercial use, the 890 Max can ensure that your garage is easy to access for those who need to, and hard to crack for those who are trying to get in.

LiftMaster 375 LM Mini Universal Remote

As the newest addition to the LiftMaster remote family, the Mini Universal Remote has quickly become one of our top sellers for both our commercial and residential clients. The remote itself is designed to be small and is perfect for those that are on the go, and do not want a garage remote stuck on the visor of their vehicle. Unlike some of the other LiftMaster remotes on the market, the Mini Universal Remote matches with all major garage door make, and even has a simple step by step programming that works!

When you are asking where to buy LiftMaster remotes, the answer is quite simple, through BarmacDoors. Whether you are looking for a LiftMaster remote control replacement or looking to match your remote to your LiftMaster garage door installation, our team will be able to work with you to find a suitable model. With a wide variety of single button and three button remotes in stock, your ideal garage door remote is only a phone call away.

Call the team at BarmacDoors today and see how one of our reps can help you find the ideal door remote. As a certified partner with LiftMaster, you can skip calling the corporate LiftMaster phone number, and instead, reach out through your trusted local deal here in Toronto.